Fighting To Keep My Marriage

FIGHTING TO KEEP MY MARRIAGEMy marriage was over. My husband was playing games being unfaithful in the marriage. I decided to speak to the same agency that helped me find employment. The workers sat us down separately and came our tools and resources to help my husband get help with his addiction to explicit imagery and recommended counselling for myself.  We had a few home visits from Community Outreach staff but initially it was not looking good. However, as time progressed my husband attended workshops and seemed to get along with my children who at first were very apprehensive of the program being offered to us as a family.

I had given up and so did my children as we felt there was no future with my husband. He was just arrogant in his ways and his denial made things very difficult for all of us. With time and continued aggressive support from the agency, we have come a long way and I can truly say there is progress.  My husband has visited us many times to stay in touch with our young adult children.  He continues to financially support us whilst he lives separately. His demeanor has changed toward me. The battle is not over but I believe we are on the right track.  

Thanks to everyone at Community Outreach for your continued support, believing that marriages can continue to stay healthy if there is a strong foundational relationship which we lacked all along.

Testimonial: R.D.Jan 30, 2016:  Marriage Counseling, Parent/Children bonding support, Life Skill training and Addiction programs.
Relationships built on sand have no base.