Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel

LIGHT AT THE END OF A DARK TUNNELI was terrified. Despondent. My son was picked up by the cops and charged with several counts serious misconduct. His 19 years of the childhood torn from me and a new brutal life behind bars was about to take over his life. Friends, he thought were friends were no longer there to encourage him because they were in the same predicament with him. The seemingly innocent game had gone so badly wrong. The prosecution team had slapped my son a long term sentencing with very few options.  

But in the process, I heard from a small agency that did some great miracles. I connected with the social worker who immediately did an assessment with my son in jail. She pulled together some resources and gave my son the hope he needed. Life in prison was about to get worse. The inmates weren?t playing the fair game and my son would end up with serious injuries inside the prison. The Agency Director recommended a strong lawyer who never gave up and the fight continued until the final light to all the darkness came through. I prayed to God this nightmare would end and a new life begins for my son. He was released last week based on a turn of events.  How grateful I am for all the support of the agency. Never give up hope.

Testimonial: N.G.
Jan 25, 2016:  Legal support, Integration into community
Hope deferred is not hope denied