What a difference today made

WHAT A DIFFERENCE TODAY MADEAs a new immigrant from Jamaica and a recent graduate from Centennial College, I completed an events management course and was referred to Community Outreach Canada for support with shelter, a temporary job and assistance with my immigration documents.

After meeting with a specialist I knew I didn't have to worry anymore because I was in good hands. I received professional advice on all of the above.

But today was special. I was invited by the agency to visit a corporate company who took the initiative to have a special Be-u-tiful Day for women; to promote women in the workplace, to give us women a good time. This team of women came together. Reorganized their corporate board room and made it a shopping boutique. Then they offered us high tea in their caf?, their offices were transformed into a stylist room, manicure and facial makeover room and hair salon. WOW. I had never seen anything like this before.

I came away with clothes, makeup, gifts. Pampered and so excited to have a corporate mentor and friend.

Testimonial: Y.G
Nov 26, 2015:  Employment, Housing, Immigration
Motivated to do more.