A Shattered dream

A SHATTERED DREAMI am a new student to Canada from Guyana, looking for a place to stay. Was initially staying at the college campus until I ran out of funds. With no job, I looked for friends who helped with accommodation for a short while. Some would ask for favors. Finally, I had to leave but didn't have any place to go. Heard about Second Chance and asked for help. Within an hour, I was put in touch with shelters that were offering me a bed for my immediate need.

My next priority is to find a job. I am a person with great skills. I will complete my event planning certification in April 2016. I know I can make it. I know I can. With a little help, I will get there.  Second Chance is a great program for the immediate need.

Testimonial: J.P.
August 21,2015:  Shelter, Employment