Learning Canadian Culture

LEARNING CANADIAN CULTUREAs a new immigrant, I struggled to understand the Canadian culture and decided to re-educate myself with a Canadian degree in Social Services from George Brown College.  I was finding the accelerated course too much for me to understand and opted to get professional help.

Light At The End Of A Dark Tunnel

LIGHT AT THE END OF A DARK TUNNELI was terrified. Despondent. My son was picked up by the cops and charged with several counts serious misconduct. His 19 years of the childhood torn from me and a new brutal life behind bars was about to take over his life. Friends, he thought were friends were no longer there to encourage him because they were in the same predicament with him.

Homeless Connect

HOMELESS CONNECTI attended the Homeless Connect event and was surprised when I first met the Outreach Specialist from the Second Chance program. I had never heard of them until then. Both support workers were very professional and caring and asked what I needed. "I need shoes and some clothing". They let me pick a pair of running shoes and also gave me a coffee mug.

Starting My Own Business - I Am Excited

A SHATTERED DREAMWhen life behind closed doors becomes a nightmare, I have only myself to blame.  I grew up in a home that had abuse written on the walls. Fearful and depressed, I thought moving out of the family home would seem better but a world outside is a cruel place. There is no rest. No peace. No joy. No hope until you find someone who can understand and listen and tell you its okay.

A Shattered dream

A SHATTERED DREAMI am a new student to Canada from Guyana, looking for a place to stay. Was initially staying at the college campus until I ran out of funds. With no job, I looked for friends who helped with accommodation for a short while. Some would ask for favors. Finally, I had to leave but didn't have any place to go. Heard about Second Chance and asked for help.

Child Advocacy

CHILD ADVOCACYIt is very difficult when everyone views men as 'dead-beat-dads".  Recently I was given custody of my 2 children (10 and 3 years old) until things between my wife and myself got resolved.